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I am Julia Fratichelli, updo specialist and visagist from Germany, currently living on the coast of Southern Portugal. A self-employed bridal stylist since 2010 and accredited hair and makeup coach since 2015.

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From being the unofficial “coffee getter” in my first hairdressing job to becoming a successful stylist on an international level.

Born in 1981 in Soviet Zelinograd (now Astana) in Kazakhstan, as the daughter of two wonderful parents who taught me that any goal is achievable. All you need is a bit of will-power, a hint of courage and a touch of passion.

I am (unapologetically) honest, persistent, goal-oriented and have a tendency to chase ginormous dreams. As a wife and mother of two charming boys, I constantly strive for the perfect work-life balance… and am far from achieving it!

dreams are within reach

I'm incredibly proud to be where I am right now...

…considering my life’s journey.
Early in my career, I faced a lot of doubt and even ridicule. I was once told, ‘If you have no skills, just become a hairstylist’. Comments like these only fueled my determination to not just excel in my craft, but to elevate the entire industry. My mission is to ensure that all of us in this beautiful field gain the respect and recognition we truly deserve – and that we too often seek and chase.

Winner of the German Hairdressing Award and international accolades as one of the top 10 hairstylists worldwide in multiple categories at the prestigious BehindTheChair Awards, however what I am most proud of, is having the opportunity to help thousands of stylists better their craft and grow their styling business.

As you can see, dreams aren't just possible; they're within our arm's reach.


Without knowledge, action is useless and knowledge without action is pointless.

Through the years

1994 / 

Emigration to Germany. Culture shock and the feeling of not belonging. This shaped my character …and ego.

2001 / 

Meeting my husband, Adam. Gaining a new perspective on life, career and achieving personal growth.

2005 / 

Receiving my “master of hairdressing” certification. A new orientation and finally a clear direction.

2010 / 

Entrepreneurship as a stylist. Learning while doing and taking first steps to sculpt my career.

2015 / 

Learning the art of coaching, how to make a person better in their craft no matter their doubts or (false) beliefs.

2021 / 

Covid and lockdowns. Learning to adapt on the fly, make critical decisions and realizing that after darkness comes light.

2022 / 

Emigration to Portugal. Living my best life with my family on our terms, thanks to the work invested in past years.

what sets Julia apart

It’s important to me to focus on the individual behind each client. Each client is unique, with their own story. The more I understand that story, the better I can understand what beauty means to them.

Whether it’s a bride or a stylist, I’m confident my clients can feel my passion for beauty. I love helping a bride become her most beautiful self. Her glow on her wedding day is priceless.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge through seminars and one-on-one coaching sessions with other stylists. Their progress is my progress, which helps our industry grow.

Ultimately, my client’s satisfaction is paramount.

the stylist TEAM

stylist & coach

Julia Fratichelli

Visionary leader and creative force, ready to uplevel the styling industry and it’s reputation. But more importantly, mother of two boys, to whom she’s committed to instilling values like morality, diligence, and empathy.


Adam Fratichelli

A loving father and devoted husband who serves as our jack-of-all-trades. Skilled in everything from web tech to sales and marketing to customer support, he’s the go-to guy for diverse expertise on our team.

Social Media

Victoria B.

An extremely “social” social media manager who blends her passion for beauty and fashion with an eye for perfection. Outgoing and trendy, she infuses creativity and style into every digital interaction.

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